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Sewhareg Eskeziya

Her birth place is Finote Selam, Gojam. She learned from grade one to eight in Finote Selam Junior High School.

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Amhara National Regional State


Tilla Association of Women Living with HIV

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"I don't know my parents because they died when I was very small. My elder brother brought me up like a parent. He was respected and liked by the villagers. For me he was my shield, teacher and guardian. It's his death that darkened my future and placed me in problem. What made my sorrow grievous and a permanent mental torture is the cause of his death. I lost my beloved brother because of AIDS." She abandoned school and went to Shashemene to look for a relative to live with. "Because I heard that I'd a relative in Shashemene, I went there. But I couldn't find her. Then I started working in someone's house. My mind couldn't take working for someone for I'd a great desire to finish school and lead a decent life. "Therefore, I explained my problem to an NGO which helps orphan children and asked for some support. At that time, you had to participate in a Kebele, locality, Anti-AIDS club to get support. I started taking-part-in a club. When I was ready to resume my education by the help of different organizations, something tragic happened." Her life was changed by what she did to help her friend. "I had a friend who wanted to go abroad. She asked me to give my blood for a test in her name and give her the result. I gave my blood but the result was disastrous and changed my life forever. It says positive. The disease that killed my brother and darkened my life is also present in me. It still puzzles me how I got it. "The main transmission route is sexual intercourse. I'm confident that I didn't get it that way. "Sometimes when religious fathers teach, they say AIDS is the result of disobedience to God's commandment and sin. This teaching and what happened to me don't go together. I live keeping God's Word. For this reason, I can confidently say that AIDS is not the sickness of only sinners."


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