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Hirut Dejene

She is from Debre Zeit. She was raised in a good way for she was the first child. She got her primary education at Tewodros Elementary School in Debre Zeit.

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Oromia National Regional State


Tilla Association of Women Living with HIV

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"I started evening school when I failed to progress in the regular class. This became the cause for my getting married. Every time after school there was a man who waited for me and asked me to be with him. Later, he won over my heart. We notified our families and got married. We started living a good life. Then he got a chance to go abroad, so he went. I started leading a lonely life with the money he sent me every month. After some time, he stopped sending the, money. The reason for this was his family told him something bad about me." The next thing Hirut did was starting to work in a bar. "When I was there, I all the time used condom properly. I was careful. My family got me a chance to go abroad. So I went back home. It was compulsory to have a blood test to go abroad. So I had the blood test. The result was not good." When she learned she had the virus, she came to Awassa with out telling her family and joined the bar life again. "Before I had the test, there was a man I used to sleep 'when I was working in the bar. My friends used to tell me to be very careful because his wife died and he may be living with HIV. Even if I took the necessary care, twice the condom was torn during intercourse. Perhaps those incidents exposed me to the virus." Hirut is young and is in a good shape. Currently, she teaches the society as a member of Tilla. �Most of the society has changed. Some, however, don't look as if they're living at a time of HIV/AIDS. Recently, when I was coming back from St. Gabriel's church, one young man followed me and asked me where I was going. I told him I was going home. He then said he'd like to invite me to tea. After I told him I was married, and I took a taxi. He got into the taxi. When I got off, he followed me. To cut it short, I told him I'm living with the virus. He didn't believe me. I took some time and advised him. He refused to believe. I showed him my ID. He disappeared without a word, his eyes on the ground. "My message to the society is that we cannot identify a person living with the virus with our eyes. There are many people who live with the virus but are in a good condition. Therefore, our principle should be avoiding premarital sex. After marriage faithfulness is important. Marriage alone doesn't protect from HIV/AIDS."


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