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Azeb Fanta

She was born in Yirga Alem in an area specially known as 'Sidetegna '. She's the second child for her parents. She learned from grade one to ten in Awassa.

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Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Regional States


Tilla Association of Women Living with HIV

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"At school I enjoyed wearing the latest fashion, wearing shorts and playing football. My parents are educated and, hence, they were very concerned about my education. But I couldn't fulfill their desire. In addition to this, I went away to Addis Ababa suddenly with an engineer who came to Awassa on work. This happened when I was in Grade 10. My parents went to many places booting for me." Azeb finally told her parents she was in Addis. The marriage didn't give her all the good things she expected. "I completed my high school in Shimeles Habite Secondary School. My result was not good, so I couldn't pursue higher education. My husband used to spend most of the time on fieldwork. For this reason, I was forced to face my loneliness. "In the middle of this, I got a chance to go abroad through my relatives. Through a blood test I learned that I'm living with the virus. I told my husband the news when he came back. He told me that he had already known he had the virus" Azeb was formerly a member of Dawn of Hope Association in Addis Ababa. Now she's a member of Tilla. She has many stories. "One day I was walking to the office of Down of Hope when a man who is equal to my father offered me a ride in his car. It was a raining season, so I didn't refuse the offer. I told him where I'm going as I entered. Before my destination he took me to a hotel and had something to eat. While we were eating, he asked me to go to a room with him. I told him I don't accept his second offer. But he insisted. So I took out my Dawn of Hope membership ID and showed him. He immediately started sweating. He left the hotel hurriedly with out saying ciao. What we have to understand here is what'd happen to his wife and children if I didn't tell him. What is most surprising is that there are people who want to have sex even after you told them you are positive." Currently Azeb is learning computer skills. She enjoys wearing good clothes and keeping herself in a good shape. �I don't agree with the idea that HIVI ADIS is nothing. It has anxiety and pain. The other surprising thing to me is there are people who say to me, 'Why do you expose yourself and teach when you are in a good shape? as if the problem is only the problem of the poor. Just because many poor people expose themselves and teach, the society shouldn't have a distorted notion. The problem has knocked at every ones door. We've to work in collaboration and unity."


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