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Abaynesh Marko

She is the first child to her family. She was born in ,Shashemene, She learned in Abiyot Fire Elementary and Junior High School from Grade one to seven. Abaynesh gave her child to her parents and went to Dilla to lead a new life, While she was working as a maid there, she met the person who is her boyfriend till now, He is a merchant, She tells us the story herself

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Tilla Association of Women Living with HIV

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"After I heard the death of my former husband, I became obsessed with my health condition. I told my new boyfriend that I couldn't adapt to the town and then moved to A wassa with some money he gave me. I wanted to become a merchant." She spent all the money she got from her boyfriend on medical treatments. She then started working as a maid again. "Now I live with my sister. She knew the cause of my first husband's death. She didn't tell me to go away, rather she was the one who counseled me and supported me. Through her encouragement I had a blood test and the test proved I have HIV in my blood. Then, I became a member of Tilla Association. "Recently, my boyfriend came from Dilla and stayed here with me. Those days were difficult and challenging for me. He knows nothing about my condition, so he asked me to sleep with him like before. What could I say? I told him that a doctor told me not to have a sexual intercourse because I have a gynecological problem. I did this not to shock him before he gets a counseling service. He didn't press me. However, how long can we stay like this? I've got to find a way to tell him the truth. "Marrying the man I didn't know much has exposed me to the virus. Everybody should first study the person they want to marry. During courtship they shouldn't have sex. Now I don't worry much about discrimination. What I am concerned about is having my own job and raising my child in a good way."


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