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Mulu Kasa

She was born in Dessie town and was the youngest child for her parents. When she was a kid her parents were separated and she grew up with her childless aunt in Wuchale. Like any child she had her own dream. The dream was to get a job, just like her elder sister, in some government office and help her father.

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Amhara National Regional State


Tilla Association of Women Living with HIV

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"She raised me in a good way because my aunt didn't have any child. From Grade one to seven I attended Wuchale Elementary and Junior High School. My aunt did all she could to raise me up as a religious and well-behaved girl. In 1991, due to the instability just before the change of government, my aunt sent me back to my father. But I couldn't live in peace with my step-mom. Even my brother and sisters didn't have good opinion of me just because we didn't grow up together. So I left the house." She, then, got married with the man whom she met while she was running a small business. Then during the fall of the dergue regime she was separated from her husband and suffered a lot. She continues: "Without losing heart, I looked for my life partner in many places and finally found him with his family in Bensa, a small town in Sidama. Even if we started living with his family we agreed to move to Awassa because we couldn't endure the harshness of the country life. While he sold firewood, I used to wash clothes and do many other things for people to raise our child. Though we tried to raise the child, we never had peace in our home. We used to quarrel to the extent of making our neighbors tired of reconciling us. When I got sick of it all, I moved out and started to live with my relative who had a small restaurant. "One day, my husband called this relative of mine and told her that he was ill. He told her that he had HIV and that I also had the virus. He did this to see my relative sending me out of her place." There is some to be filled out continuing to the above


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